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Remote Wireless Monitoring Systems

In most industrial data acquisition and control applications (SCADA) where there are long distances, inaccessibility, and frequent re-location of devices, hardwiring devices together becomes a costly and time-consuming effort. In cases like these wireless networks provide the most efficient and simple solutions. We have the accessories and all the technical support you will need to get your application up and running. For this purpose, ASD has partnered with B&B Electronics for wireless communication products and Entek Controls for Remote Terminal Units to bring you the state of the art remote monitoring and data acquisition systems.

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Natural Gas Production Wells Remote Data Acquisition & Control System

Remote Monitoring PC program images
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This application uses wireless communication technology to collect Natural Gas Flow and Production data from production wells distributed around a large area. Each well has an individual RTU that is connected to a central data collection center through wireless modems. The PC program at the data collection center sequentially acquires the required data from each wells RTU and presents it as visual display in graphical or spreadsheet format. Extensive reporting and alarm logging functions enable operators to trace the production closely. The system data can also be retrieved and monitored through Web Internet connection. Please click here Products/Remote Monitoring/ for more information on remote web access options

RTU Unit
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Wireless Monitoring System diagram
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Wireless Modem
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Other Remote Monitoring SystemsApplications that we have worked on
  • Multi-Channel Data Acquisition Systems.
  • Machine Supervision and Data Acquisition Systems
  • Pump Stations Supervision and Data Acquisition Systems
  • Liquid or bulk storage Tank Level & Inventory Control with Automatic Loading/Unloading

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