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special_solutions_graphic (9K) ASD has extensive experience in writing special application software & designing custom hardware for automation systems. We provide one stop shopping solution for all your automation needs.

OEM Machine Control Systems

The control systems we build for OEM companies can be either built with discreet controllers such as temperature & pressure controllers, speed and tension controllers etc. or incorporate a PLC and HMI (Human Machine Interface) solution. Thanks to our long years of experience in machine automation we can apply the PLC + HMI solution to any complex machine automation application and provide you with the optimum cost and quality solution within the required completion time. We also provide PC based control systems with extensive data collection and trending capabilities.
Also click here Products/Control Panels for more information on Electrical Control Panels

Wire Drawing Machines

click to enlarge click to enlarge In this application a multi-draft wire drawing machine is controlled with a PLC + HMI combination. AC Flux Vector drives are used for precise speed control. Wire Tension control is achieved by the special PID Trim firmware programmed by ASD. This firmware is embedded in the AC Flux Vector drives. The PID Trim function is used to trim the drive speed based on Load Cell Tension feedback. Elaborate wire breakage and fault detection functions are programmed in the PLC and displayed on the HMI screens. Remote access to the machine through Web Internet connection to monitor machine operation is also possible. Please click here for more information on remote access options.

Wire Precision Level Winders /Spoolers

click to enlarge click to enlarge In this application an AC drive (VFD) is used to control the traverse motion of a winder. The motor controls a linear screw, which moves the entire winder spool from side to side so the product is distributed across the spool as it is wound. This axis of motion is referred to as the Traverse. The goal is to lay each wrap of the product beside to the previous wrap by traversing the spool the distance of one product diameter per spool revolution. This is done by electronically line shafting the traverse to the winder thereby allowing the traverse drive to follow the winder drive precisely with no accumulated position errors.

Other Wire Spooler - Winder Applications that we have worked on
  • Motorized Dancer Arm Tension control
  • Winch Level Winder Controls

    Other OEM Automation Applications that we have worked on
  • Hospital Waste Disposal Machines
  • Vibratory Feeders
  • Packaging Machines
  • Bolt Forming/Threading Machines

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