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Servo or AC Drive Based Motion Control

Here are some of the Industrial Automation motion control applications that ASD has experience in Designing, CAD drawings & Documentation, Programming, Sizing and Selection of Components, Start-Up and Commissioning Services.
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Random Input Product Placer - Cam Application with Random Spacing

click to enlarge Figure 1 shows an application that places a compact disc (CD) into a case. The CDs are stored in a hopper and a vacuum head on the placer takes a CD when it goes by the hopper. When a case is present, the placer matches speed with the case and releases it. The cases are randomly spaced on the conveyor, and a sensor is present to detect when a case has passed by.

Position Latching - Wafer Mapper with indexing

click to enlarge This application describes a single-axis wafer cassette mapping machine, which is connected to a robot. At the robot’s request, the wafer mapper drives a sensor past the stack of wafers in a multi-slot cassette and the sensor outputs a digital waveform indicating the wafer edge locations. The status of the wafer in each slot is inferred from the motor position corresponding to each edge in the waveform. When the entire cassette has been mapped, the wafer mapper reports which wafers are present and which are double-slotted to the robot controller via Ethernet

Cut to Length control

Sleeve Wrapper - Rotary Cam Application With Consistent Spacing

click to enlarge In this operation, a product (in this case, a candy bar) comes off of a conveyor. The packaging comes from a continuous roll and is formed into a tube around the product. The bottom of this tube is sealed and the continuous tube of products is cut into individual packages by a rotating knife. A sensor reads small marks on the package (called "registration marks") that determines where the knife is to make its cut.

Fabric Web Cutter - Linear flying shear

click to enlarge In a flying shear web-cut application, the material to be cut is fed on a continuous conveyor that is driven by an open-loop motor. The shear is mounted on a carriage under servo control that runs parallel to the conveyor. The shear accelerates to meet the velocity of the material to perform the cut at the correct location. When the cut is complete, the shear rapidly decelerates and moves back to the starting position to begin the next cutting cycle. This results in equal length pieces of material being fed to the next machine process.

Gearing – Electronic Line Shafting

Label Applicator - Ramped gearing with registration mark correction

click to enlarge The process begins with boxes being fed at a constant speed into the machine on a conveyor. The boxes are pushed along the conveyor by mechanical catches that keep the boxes a fixed distance apart. The label mechanism consists of a drive wheel, an applicator wheel, and a spool. The drive wheel intermittently pulls the label web from the spool as the web passes over the applicator wheel, which forces the label onto the box. An open loop offset is applied to the spool to maintain web tension. The label is applied by matching speed between the box and applicator wheel. When the conveyor reaches a specified position, the label drive wheel accelerates to this matched speed, applies the label, and then decelerates to a stop. Because the web can slip, it has registration marks that are used to insure proper placement of each label. A sensor reads the position of the registration mark, and after the web decelerates, the drive wheel repositions to account for any errors in web position

Other Motion Control Applications that we have worked on

  • Contour cutting
  • Chemical dipping tank sequence and position control
  • Pick & Place positioning for intelligent crane applications
  • Soda can filling carousel control
  • Automated storage applications

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