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Plastic Sheet Extrusion Lines

Extrusion and Rollstand control systems include a DC or AC vector drive to control the Extruder or Rollstand drive motor speed, standard instrumentation and the required number of air cooled or water cooled temperature control loops. The control system can be built with either discreet temperature & pressure controllers or incorporate a PLC and HMI (Human Machine Interface). We also provide PC based Extruder controls with extensive data collection and trending capabilities.

Also click here Products/Control Panels for more information on Extruder Electrical Control Panels

Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line Controls

Extruder Drive & Gear Pump Controls
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Barrel, Downstream and Die Zones Temperature Controls
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Drive Speed & Roll Temperature Controls
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Other Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line Control Applications that we have worked on
  • Flex-Die Temperature Control based on Web Thickness measurement. Click here Products/Measurement/Web Gauging systems for more details
  • Multi-Layer Extrusion process Controls
  • Cooling & Polishing Rolls Automatic Gap Adjustment Control System
  • Pull Roll Tension Control
  • Cut-To-Length Shear Control
  • Turret Winder Controls

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