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special_solutions_graphic (9K) ASD has extensive experience in writing special application software & designing custom hardware for automation systems. We provide one stop shopping solution for all your automation needs.
ASD is a Systems Integrator company in the true sense. We bring practical experience and engineering expertise in all aspects of an automation project from sizing and selection of sensors, interfaces, transducers, motors, valves to programming servo controllers, PLCs, Drives, Multi-loop Process Controllers, PCs and last but not least provide superior installation and start-up services. We have a good understanding of the industries we work and a wide knowledge of rules and regulations that are involved. That is why we are confident that we can provide one stop shopping solution for all your automation needs.


  • (Motion) Single & Multi-axis Positioning, Cut To Length, Gearing, Indexing and other motion control systems
  • (Web) Special Web Handling applications such as coating, casting web Speed And Tension control
  • (Web) Plastic Sheet Winders, Turret Winders
  • (OEM) Wire and Glass Fiber Spoolers, Precision Level Winders
  • (Extrusion) Plastic Sheet Extrusion Speed, Temperature & Pressure Control
  • (Extrusion) Plastic Sheet Cooling & Polishing web lines Speed And Tension control
  • (OEM) OEM controls such as Wire Drawing, Bolt Forming/Threading, Packaging Machines
  • (Remote) Remote Wireless Monitoring and Data acquisition systems
  • (Products/Web Gauging systems) Web Gauging systems for Plastic and Metal Sheet lines
  • (Waste) Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • (More) Material Handling & Conveying systems
  • (Remote) Machine Supervision and Data acquisition systems
  • (More) Controls for Industrial Heating, Refrigeration & A/C systems
  • (More) Industrial Furnace Automation including Temperature Control, Atmospheric Control, Automatic Loading/Unloading
  • (More) Fault Alarm and Annunciation systems
  • (More) Liquid or bulk storage Tank Level & Inventory Control with Automatic Loading/Unloading

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