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special_solutions_graphic (9K) ASD has extensive experience in writing special application software & designing custom hardware for automation systems. We provide one stop shopping solution for all your automation needs.


We are dedicated engineers for whom the Automation Technology on its own is a passion. We are always hungry for new ideas, new solutions, and new products. We literally live and breathe automation technology and once in a while go out sailing or camping.

We at ASD all suffer the infamous engineers fix-it syndrome. This syndrome shows itself as a deep surge of desire and will to fix things. We cannot sleep comfortably if there is a problem waiting to be fixed. We feel very agitated when somebody tells us that a solution to a problem is not possible.


Our motto is we solve difficult problems immediately and impossible problems within a certain time.

Once we receive a contract, from then on the whole project is ours. We go the extra TWO miles to make sure that the project is completed as required and on time with the least cost. We do not leave the site until our customer is 150% satisfied and the system is working with efficiency beyond their expectations.

We like to work with our customers on a first name bases instead of referring to them as customer #xyz123. The customer's needs come first for us. We can surely handle the commercial part later because we believe that if a customers needs are not met there is no commerce to speak of.

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